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AK St. Georg | Hamburg, Germany

Mains power supply, medium voltage units, Siemens S7-400H, Siemens TP 1900

The net replacement supply for the Ak. St. Georg is guaranteed by 2 medium-voltage units, each with a rated output of 2700 kVA.

The control of the 8 external power and coupling switches is realized via a central control. In the event of an emergency, the AV supply can also be fed with the power units in addition to the SV supply.
The unit controllers as well as the central controller are equipped with a redundant S7-400H, which compensates for a failure of the CPU.

The plant-relevant data is displayed on a Siemens TP 1900 in the central control system and the aggregate-specific data is displayed on a Siemens TP1900 of the aggregate controllers. In addition, selected informations are forwarded to the network control system via a Modbus TCP / IP interface.


2 x Genset control
1 x Central control
2 x Control panel TP1900 for the genset control
1 x Bedientableau TP1900 for the central control
Commissioning on site

Used hardware:

Siemens S7-400H Programmable logic controller
Siemens TP 1900 Control- / display panel
HPS KSS Aggregate control and protection device is powered by 2 Mittelspannungs ???
HPS References - Schematic for Ak. St. Georg
HPS - KSS Switching Unit for Ak. St. Georg

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