The eye-tracking glasses VPS19 are ready for use in a few minutes and then enable direct communication between the service staff on site and the expert. The service technician has both hands free and is visually and audio-technically connected to the expert.

In the last part of our "Portfolio Series" we present our service "protection tests of emergency power units",  where setting values and delay times are checked and documented with a protection device test as mains decoupling and protection devices ensure the availability of your power supply.

In part eight of our "Portfolio Series" we present our "digitization of circuit diagram documents service’", where we transfer the on-site documentation to the current EPLAN electric P8 version and provide the documentation digitally (QR code / PDF) as in the area of switchgear and control systems, troubleshooting or upgrading is only possible with a complete existing documentation.

In part seven of our "Portfolio Series" we present our "mechanical component", individual housings, copper busbars and covers, planned with our engineering software, EPLAN ProPanel and the Copper module and individually manufactured.

In part six of our "Portfolio Series" we present our "contract production - extended workbench", where we offer individual scope of the value-added chain as a service, with or without component procurement, if your capacities are exhausted or you want to outsource your production.