Recently we delivered an ATS system with a 4000A switchgear for mineral water production in the Middle East.
We created a digital twin in advance using Rittal Power Engineering in connection with EPLAN Pro Panel.

This show case describes an energy distribution system by EATON xEnergy with a rated operational current of 4600 A for an emergency genset.

During the past year we equipped 31 tank controls with CompactLogix 5370 controllers of the series 1769 by Allen-Bradley by Rockwell Automation.

It was important to our customer to get a modern and redundant control, that can be upgraded or extended easily in the future. Additionally a simulation model helped us test new functions.

At this example project structural demands of the building needed to be met: Cable connections between the controls are very long, because the emergency power supply gensets including the related controls are located in another part of the building than the central control panel.