In order to guarantee the power supply, our customer delivers 5 emergency power gensets with a nominal power of 500 kVA each to the end customer. Our control panels take over the control and monitoring of the emergency power gensets.

In our application example, we show you an emergency power system including a power unit for the emergency power supply in a substation of a utility provider.

In our application example, we show you a complex application with adjustable Woodward control devices and a higher-level central control with a redundant S7-1500 controller from Siemens.

In the event of a power failure, the required energy must be generated by the emergency power unit and transmitted to the consumers. Hanseatic Power Solutions GmbH plans and manufactures the control and power distribution systems. In this application we show you a power distribution from Vamocon with a rated operational current of 2000A.

In „control system construction“ we plan and build everything for your application from simple relay controls up to complex procedural control systems with a highly available PLC. But we also support you in modernization of your existing control installation.