Revolutionary Service Glasses in Use at HPS

Eye Hyper-Tracking Glasses from Viewpointsystem

The eye-tracking glasses VPS19 are ready for use in a few minutes and then enable direct communication between the service staff on site and the expert. The service technician has both hands free and is visually and audio-technically connected to the expert.



Remote maintenance will never be the same again. With the VPS 19, employees do work on site under the direction of experts at other locations. Because the experts can see exactly where the person on site is looking, very precise instructions can be given. No more guessing, no laborious explanations and not even the need to be there. Instead of “Now press the lowermost button,” a gaze is sufficient to know which button is meant. This rules out misunderstandings, and even complex procedures can be explained quickly and easily. Repairs and similar work can be completed in an extremely short time. Anywhere and anytime.


We are initially using the VPS 19 system for our service technicians and selected partners. However, we are planning to lend this system to customers in the near future, so you can test the system and get to know the advantages.


If you have any questions or are interested in our services, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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