HPS' New Differential Protection Relay DIS 2

Our New Differential Protection Relay DIS 2 Can Do More Than Just Measure Differential Current.



The comfortable configuration of all settings of the DIS 2 is done by the parameterisation software 'Geräteverwaltung’ (GV 2). Alternatively, values can be entered directly at the device. Any access to the device`s parameterisation can be protected by a PIN. The output of display-texts at the device standardly takes place in German and English (switching between languages is possible at any time during operation).

Example configurations:

Example: Generator/motor protection (Earth current measurement W7 optional)

Example: Generator/motor protection with inline transformer (Earth current measurement W7 optional)

Example: Generator/motor protection with inline transformer star-delta

Example: Transformer protection

Example: Transformer protection star-delta


Seven currents are simultaneously sampled and measured. The calculation of all other values is carried out on basis of the measured values. The frequency measurement takes place for the internal and external current.

Current Measurement:

The current measuring is a true root mean square value measurement. It operates down to a current of approx. 30mA. The successful measurement at a phase (internal and external) is indicated by light up of the respective LED. The end of the measuring range of DIS 2 is amounted at 4 A (1 A Version) respectively 20 A (5 A Version).

Differential Current:

The differential currents are respectively the differences of internal and external current per phase and are calculated from these. In doing so, the phase position is corrected by a possibly parameterised displacement angle (switching group).

Earth Current:

The earth- respectively neutral conductor current (depending on parameterisation) is measured directly. Depending on the configuration, this is displayed as IN (neutral current) or IE (earth current).

Frequency Measurement:

The frequency is separately recorded and evaluated. The frequency measurement begins at a current of approx. 50 mA (secondary sided) and takes place in the range of approximately 15.0 cy to approx. 100.0 cy. The accuracy is better than 0,01 cy absolute.

Tripping Memory:

The DIS 2 stores the measured values for the respective limit value trippings. The fault memory can store the values of up to 52 tripping events. The tripping values are permanently stored in the flash memory of the device with the date and time and are retained even in case of loss of the auxiliary voltage.

Digital Inputs/ Outputs with logic functions:

The DIS 2 features 3 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs, these can be assigned according to a function selection. Furthermore, there are 5 logic modules including 2 timers with which functions can be programmed.

The detailed device description can be found here: DIS 2 (Download Device Description)


If you have any questions about this device or about complete solutions, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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