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The project manager defined the function diagrams according to customer requirements generated them from our macro templates using the EPLAN Cogineer program (Blogartikel „Cogineer“). Special customer requirements that are not currently included in our macro templates are checked by our CAE department and added automatically.



During layout planning, we also consider the power dissipations of the individual devices and the electromagnetic compatibility of the components. With EPLAN Pro Panel we can see the power dissipation density (hotspots), and accordingly position power dissipation-intensive devices. Via Rittal Therm we compare the installed power dissipation with the project parameters (housing, ambient temperature and maximum internal temperature) and then plan the associated air conditioning.


For the approval of our circuit diagrams we send our customers the following information for technical review

  • Switchgear specification acc. to IEC 61439
  • Circuit diagram (incl. wiring information, 3-dimensional layout, terminal list, parts list)
  • Heat dissipation calculation
  • Operation manual

After receiving the technical approval of the submitted project documents, we start with the detailed mechanical planning. We route the internal wirng connections with EPLAN Pro Panel. The system knows the individual connections via the internal interface EPLAN Electric P8 <-> EPLAN Pro Panel and routes the optimal wiring paths based on the general conditions (connection specification, cable ways). The output function gives us all necessary routing information to pass it on to an external service provider (CAD CABEL). We will then receive the pre-assembled wires with appropriate bundling and wiring help (wire end marking) within 1-3 working days. Thanks to the CAD CABEL system, we can use all types of wiring (H07V-K / H07Z-K), cross-sections and also wire end marking systems (Partex, Legrand, etc.).


Via the EPLAN Pro Panel interface, we pass on the drilling templates (dimensional drawings) of the mounting plate and the door cut-outs to our drilling center and get a drilled / cut mounting plate and switchboard door. The dimensions of the mounting rails / cable ducts are exported and will be  manufactured manually.

The terminal strips pre-assembled in our macro templates are exported and delivered to us via the Phoenix Contact Project complete program.

The external services (CAD CABEL / drilling center / Phoenix Contact) enable us to plan and manufacture our switchboards faster and more efficiently.

In our next post we will show you the mechanical planning of our low-voltage main distributions with the EPLAN Pro Panel program and the associated Copper module.

To be continued …


If you have any questions or are interested in our EPLAN services, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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