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Industrie 4.0 in Control Panel Production: Capitalizing the Potential of Digitization

As part of our quality management (ISO 9001) we have set ourselves the goal of being able to use a modular system also in the area of custom-made construction.

With our product, the ATS system, we control and monitor the emergency power generators with an output size of 50 kW to 8,000 kW. In this wide range of activities, our customers use different motors, generators, protection and also control systems.

In order to be able to introduce an automatic circuit diagram generation with such a large variety of variants, we have broken down the product into its individual components.

Our ATS system always consists in „Incoming / Outgoing feeder“, „Measuring / Protection functions“, „Control logic“, as well as „Aux. drive controls“.

Within the „Aux. drive controls“ we find our function „=864“ the „Table cooler fan“. We have converted this function into a macro template. This macro template can have different variants and also properties.

  • Performance data
  • Devices (in relation tot he nominal power)
  • Cables
  • Additional equipment
    • Feeder
    • Direct start (DOL)
    • Monitoring of motor protection switch
    • Monitoring of maintenance switch
    • Monitoring of thermal contact switch

In this full configuration of our function =864, the „table cooler fan“, we have included a lot of information relevant for production.

In the event of a power increase (1,85 kW -> 5 kW) e.g. the motor protection switch, the main contactor, the internal wiring as well as the corresponding terminal strip have to be adjusted.

For quick and easy use of the many different versions we took the decision for the EPLAN Cogineer module. In our next LinkedIn post we will show you how to create a function diagram using a simple question.


To be continued …

If you have any questions or are interested in our EPLAN services, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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