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HPS devices

For the optimal individualization of your plant we produce our own devices. Our core business here are:

  • Protection devices
  • Control devices
  • Function devices
Display and control unit HPS KOP2


  • Control and monitoring of gensets in sprinkler-, emergency power supply-, generator-parallel- and grid-parallel mode
  • Control panel with 4.3 inch color display, full graphic
  • Constant further development + compliance with latest guidelines, e.g. VDE4105 and BDEW 
  • Modular structure: easy extension, e.g. with differential protection, analogue inputs, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and CAN-Bus.
  • Individual adaptation to customer requirements
HPS - Electronic Device Compact Protection System KSS

Flexibility and speed

We implement your customer requirements fast and individually with our own programming division and consider the usual standards. This way we are also flexible regarding new standards and function extensions. Without our in-house programming division we would have to purchase several external devices, which would mean extra space and costs. We combine all requirements in individually in one device.

Additionally we can react faster to problems with our own devices, because we do not need to consult a third-party provider first. Of course we know our own devices perfectly and can intervene directly.

New market requirements can be answered immediately. And more than that: Our answer is especially designed to fit the market segment served – it does neither contain functions or informations, that no one needs, nor does it imply performance gaps!

Display module for compact protection system KSS

Older technology

For old devices, which are no longer available, we offer replacement devices in order to get the plant up and running again. As we are flexible regarding soft- and hardware as well as mechanically, we can meet all demands of the older installations and ensure a replacement.

Synchronizing device HPS SYR2