A nationwide blackout would have devastating effects, from economic losses to a risk to human life.

In the last part of our „EPLAN Series“ we show you how we supply our customers with the most up-to-date design documentation. We also offer this solution as a separate service (software and data storage).

In part 4 of the „LinkedIn EPLAN Series“ we show you how we plan and manufacture our low-voltage main distribution boards in three dimensions, with a nominal current of up to 5000 A. The three-dimensional planning eliminates the time-consuming sizing of the individual copper bars in our mechanical workshop.

In part 3 of the „EPLAN Series“ we show you how our functional circuit diagrams are constructed in 3D. With the three-dimensional prototype, we can already present the end product to our customer during the approval phase.

In Part 2 of the „EPLAN Series“ we would like to show you how convenient we can generate our existing macro templates with EPLAN Cogineer.