Emergency power systems for utility provider

Construction and Control Description


Control Part

In addition to the compact automatic KAS for control and monitoring of engine and alternator, a Siemens S7-1200 PLC control for the control of the circuit breakers is installed in the control part.

The operator has a complete overview of the system status at all times via the control panel with a fully graphic display built into the door.

For the control and display of the circuit breaker status , a mimic diagram with buttons and feedback indicators was built into the right door of the control part. This also guarantees a quick overview here.

Power Part

The power part is designed according to IEC 61439 for a rated current of 1228A.
In addition to the generator circuit breaker, two more circuit breakers are installed for further outgoings. There is also an output to a load bank via an NH3 fuse switch disconnector.

The network circuit breaker to be controlled is located in an external LVSG.

Control Description

In the event of a power failure, the KAS compact automatic system starts the genset. As soon as the genset has reached its nominal speed and voltage, the external mains circuit breaker is switched off via the Siemens S7-1200 PLC control. After detection of the feedback that the mains circuit breaker is switched off, the outgoing circuit breakers are switched off and the generator circuit breaker is switched on. The outgoing switches are now switched on with a time delay. The property is supplied again with power.

After the mains voltage has returned and an adjustable mains stability time has elapsed, the emergency power unit is adjusted to the mains frequency and voltage, the mains circuit breaker is switched on again synchronously with the genset and the generator circuit breaker is switched off. In this case, the outgoing switches remain switched on.

After a cooling down phase, the genset is shut down.

The system is available for further use again.



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