Emergency power supply for a temporary power supply in Africa

Genset control:

The genset control panels consist of a Compact automatic KAS from Hanseatic Power Solutions GmbH.

The power part is designed for a rated current of 722A.
A 3WL breaker from Siemens is installed as a generator breaker.


Generator circuit breaker:

  • Breaker type = circuit breaker (protection via secondary tripping)
  • Poles = 3-pole
  • Rated current = 1000 A
  • Rated breaking capacity  = 50 kA
  • Design = fixed installation
  • Motor drive = 230 VAC
  • Closing release = 230 VAC
  • Shunt release = undervoltage release 24 VDC

The mains circuit breaker to be controlled is located in the customer's low voltage main distribution board.



If you have any questions regarding this application or other concepts, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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