How well prepared are you for an emergency?

Private households and companies are affected by short power failures almost every day worldwide.

A power failure can have a variety of reasons

  • Damaged transformer at the utility company or end customer
  • Short ciruit / earth fault
  • Damaged cable / cable joint
  • Failure in substation
  • Failure of electrical components in your own electrical installation
  • Overload

The repair of the above mentioned incidents can take several hours. A power failure of several hours is very annoying for a private household, but in most cases without major economic / health consequences. But …

  • What are the economic consequences for a telecommunication company, an operator of data centers or banks? In such cases, the economic consequences can quickly amount to or even exceed millions.
  • What happens if the power supply ("the light") fails at a larger event (Soccer league match / concert)? Due to the mass panic, an orderly evacuation will not be possible and personal injuries can be expected.
  • What happens if the electrical power drop out during surgery? In this case, no one does not want to imagine the health consequences.

Is your company able to withstand the economic and health consequences of a network failure lasting several hours?

Emergency power units and the associated control systems are complex components that have to be tested completely on a regular basis, in order to be able to ensure service security in case of an emergency.

In the area of control systems, we offer our customers the following services

  • Free inventory taking
  • Execution of test runs / maintenance
  • On-site troubleshooting / remote phone support
  • Retrofit (exchange of defective / discontinued (preventive measure) products)
  • New systems including commissioning
  • Secondary protection tests (voltage, frequency, current, power)
  • Reconstruction / extensions
  • Revision / digitization of the documentation
  • Training / instruction of operating staff

In the area of emergency power units (motor / generator), we work with all well-known manufacturers and numerous power-plant construction companies (OEMs).

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, our technical sales team will be happy to assist you.

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