HPS - aggregate control panel

HPS genset control (KAS)

Our device family KAS (compact automatic protection system) contains all protection-, regulation- and synchronising functions, already contained in the KSS. Additionally it ensures the control and monitoring of the grid- and generator breaker as well as the start and stop of the genset. On the large color display a variety of measured values, control parameters and settings can be displayed.

The KAS is applied to plants, that do not need a PLC (programmable logic controller). Apart from this you can use the KAS also for multible grid incomer controls or multible genset plants, if a PLC is used in the master control. All values available in the KAS can be sent to the PLC by a profibus- or profinet interface.


Therefore the KAS combines even a larger number of components, which otherwise would have to be installed separately. This safes space, time and money. Due to the modular design an extension is possible at any time and is trouble-free.

HPS - Control Panel KSS