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Engineering Services

We update your electrical documentation to 4.0

The change from conventional to digitised planning and engineering is essential nowadays. In order to be capable of a competetive production, all engineering data have to be available digitally. Ideally also available for different systems.

We offer you an allround service, that does not only digitise your data in a standardized way, but also prepares them for an innovative output into the manufacturing process. Your documentation is conforming to standards as well as future safe. Industrie 4.0 ready.

We create actual, digital documents based on paper drafts. These can then be adapted, extended and improved and further processed by you for an accelerated and perfectioned digitally operated production.

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Our service for you

  • tailormade schematics creation and auditing with EPLAN Electric P8
  • 3D model views with EPLAN Pro Panel
  • creation of terminal connection tables, cable overviews, part lists
  • output of data for ordering of material, terminal strips and wiring sets
  • creation of copper scale drawings with EPLAN Pro Panel Copper
  • heat loss calculation
  • also available in foreign languages


Additionally we support you in starting automated schematics creation by EPLAN Cogineer. Your project manager can compile the desired schematics easily by choosing from predefined libraries. Various predefined performances can also be chosen to adjust wire cross sections and connection terminals automatically.

You can find more detailed information about the software we use EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Pro Panel and our automated schematics creation in our Engineering Services brochure:

HPS - Employee creates circuit diagram on the computer

Gate to the future: EPLAN Cogineer

The software EPLAN Cogineer enables you to enter automated schematics creation fast and produces impressive results at the click of a button. This engineering software is immediately applicable for you. You do not need time-consuming trainings, you will very soon achieve the desired results.

We prepare individually tailormade configurators based on your data. You can use these for product development and production planning. And we even support you as consultants during the first steps of implementation.

Afterwards you automatically enjoy the following advantages of automated schematic creation:

  • time- and cost savings by simple choice of a function
  • fast and safe creation of schematics through standardized libraries
  • mistakes are reduced and NOT copied from one project to the other
  • functional structure of schematics
  • consistent documentation